Cupcakes For Heeral

When I was at university my friend Astrid made similar butterfly cupcakes using the Hello, Cupcake! book. I remember thinking how amazing they looked and knew I wanted to give it a go myself one day. I found the perfect opportunity to make them this week for Heeral, my sister’s work bestie, who is leaving. The hardest part about making the butterflies was working quickly before the chocolate and candy set, it took a few tries to get my timings right. I placed the wings on to vanilla cupcakes topped with raspberry jam frosting. I decided to leave out the body and antenna and go for a more minimal look, they kind of remind me of those butterfly cupcakes you make when you are little where you make the wings with the top of the cupcake. I hope she likes them! x

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6 thoughts on “Cupcakes For Heeral

  1. You, your cupcakes and your sister – AMAZING!

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to have them at our team tea o’clock later :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and yummy. We are extremely lucky to have you as our cake fairy, Nicole. Delicious!

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