Little Bird Cupcakes

Little Bird are a company who share an office with Found, where my sister works. One of their little birds, Rhianon, is flying the nest this week and so these cupcakes are a farewell to her. When I agreed to make these cupcakes I was unsure of what I was going to do. I pretty much instantly fell in love with the logo and colour combo of the company. It’s just so darn cute. So that was my starting point. But, it wasn’t until I sat down with a pile of fondant icing, some cutters and their website up in front of me that it all came together. The turquoise and brown together is quite striking but to me is softened by the scalloped topper, simple bird and flower. I opted for chocolate cake to keep with the colours and turquoise vanilla frosting. I hope she has a brilliant last day and enjoys her cupcakes!

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