Cake At The End

I don’t really run. Ok sure, I’ll run for a train if I really really need to but that’s about it. Part of me really likes running (that part is definitely not my legs). Mostly though, I find it tricky. It’s hard enough trying to locate my trainers let alone motivate myself to go outside, in the cold and move fast. When I signed up to do this year’s Race For Life and convinced my friends to do it with me obviously our biggest incentive was to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research, an incredible charity which is dear to all of us for so many reasons. However, I knew we would need some sort of reward to get us to the end. Alexia came up with our team name ‘Cake At The End’ and so that was the plan – to cross the finish and share some cakes with our team and everyone that came to watch and support us. I made them with my cousin Luisa, who was also running, and we decorated them by writing different messages. I would encourage anyone to take part, you definitely don’t need to be a runner. We had so much fun, it was a great day and the cake made crossing that finish line so much sweeter.

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