Doctor’s Coat Cake

By the time I finished this cake I was a little bit in love with it. Probably because of all the little personal details which made it so special and because it indulged my endless desire to make things out of fondant. I got so into making this cake I even forgot to take photos as I went along. I was asked to make this cake for a Doctor who is retiring. I was told she likes to wear floral shirts and has a pink stethoscope (she sounds awesome). It turned out to be a pretty hefty cake as it needed to feed around 30 people, so I made two super large rectangle cakes and sandwiched them with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. I coated the whole cake in more buttercream and then covered it in white fondant. The most fiddly part of the cake was making sure the shirt of the collar looked right and in proportion to the rest of the coat. I made a paper pattern for the lapels of the white coat so that both sides would be exactly the same. I used all sorts of things to decorate with and bring it to life  including flowers, sprinkles, jelly beans and my new favourite, edible metallic paint. I hope that she was a little bit in love with it too. 

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One thought on “Doctor’s Coat Cake

  1. That is so amazing. It is not just the design, it is your vivid imagination that takes you there.

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