Retro Radio

When I handed this cake to the waiter he reacted like I’d just handed him a baby whale to look after. To be honest, when the restaurant agreed to let us bring our own cake to celebrate, they probably weren’t expecting a three-tiered retro radio the size of small suitcase. This beast of a cake is for my lovely Uncle who recently turned 60. He lives in America, so we celebrated this week while he and his family are visiting. Radio has always been a passion of my Uncle’s; he even hosts a radio jazz show in America. I used  this image as a reference for the design. Instead of writing Happy Birthday I personalised the cake by putting JRF (his initials) and age as a radio station identity. To make the cake I started off with three tiers of vanilla sponge which I baked in a swiss roll tin so they wouldn’t be too deep. I then stacked it and carved the ends off to round off the sides. It was really nice to make something special for my Uncle and I think he really loved it. Happy 60th Birthday Uncle John! x

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3 thoughts on “Retro Radio

  1. Think he really loved it. That would be understating it by a factor of around a million. Not only are you an extremely thoughtful and generous niece you are also extraordinarily talented. Your attention to detail and the theme was just perfect. And in spite of me wanting to carry it back to America, you insisted on me actually cutting it. It tastes as good as it looks. No surprise as it comes from the House of Nicole. A truly wonderful present. Eternally grateful Uncle.

  2. hi nicole, adore the radio. and the medical was just perfect. your are brilliant. love

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