Birthday Burger

This cake is up there as one of my favourites that I’ve made and it’s for one of my favourite people. Today is my friend Steve’s birthday and his birthday cake could only be one thing. We’ve eaten a lot of burgers together, including some more unusual ones like a duck burger in a donut bun. For this burger though I went for the classic formation but made out of cake and icing. I started by baking three 7″ vanilla cakes and then added cocoa powder to the rest of the batter to make one chocolate tier for the burger. To make the top of the bun I stacked two cakes and rounded off the top, then covered it in buttercream then fondant. I covered the bottom of the bun and the burger in the same way. I then assembled the layers and added in fondant lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. The top of the bun was sandwiched on with some buttercream ‘ketchup’. To finish I topped the bun with tiny fondant sesame seeds. I love this cake and I hope Steve does too. Happy Birthday! x

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4 thoughts on “Birthday Burger

  1. loved the hamburger saved to show to all my friends. and the guitar cake was wonderful too. judy c

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