Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cookies

Most of you probably think I’m a little nuts for hanging out by an oven today. Yep it’s hot and yes this fact has probably been mentioned in every conversation I’ve had for the past two weeks since it’s been hot. But actually I don’t want to talk about how my skin feels like it’s on fire all day, or how I looked like I’d been for a swim after my Pilates class this week, I want to talk about cookies. These cookies actually. Some might think that chocolate dipped strawberries are a Valentine’s related thing or a let me welcome you to my hotel thing, but in my house chocolate dipped strawberries are a regular feature. My mum makes the best ones using Green & Black’s white chocolate and I can easily consume platefulls at a time. I even used to take trays of them back for my housemates at uni after the weekends. I think everyone likes them because they feel ok about eating them. Sure, it involves chocolate but the fruit is the main part…right? I’m definitely going to apply that thought process to these cookies. To make the cookie version of dipped strawberries I chose this recipe as it used large pieces of fresh strawberries so would be full of flavour. The cookies turned out nice and soft with a slight crunch on the outside. When they had cooled I coated half with the same Green & Black’s white chocolate my mum uses and put them in the fridge to set. These are super easy to make and are a good summer tea time snack especially when they are a little chilled.

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