Happy 4th Of July

We gave them America and in return they gave us burgers, ‘Friends’ and Channing Tatum. Totally fair and plenty of reasons to celebrate. The little part of me that is vaguely American loves 4th of July. Well, I love the idea of it. In my mind I’m having a BBQ by a pool in the sunshine, eating a hot dog and wearing some sort of stars and stripes outfit that borders on fancy dress. In reality, I’m in the UK, it’s a little grey out and I’m nowhere near a BBQ. It’s ok though, as I’m celebrating in my own way, with cupcakes. I obviously went for the red, white and blue and added a little sparkle. I made enough to share with our friends who are over from across the pond. I hope it makes them feel like they aren’t missing out on any festivities. Happy 4th of July! 

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6 thoughts on “Happy 4th Of July

  1. Happy 4th July from the big deck with the BBQ primed for action later. Flank steak marinated in oranges, limes, balsamic vinegarette with a side of buttered corn on the cob. The sound of Grover Washington fills the air and a rather delicate citrusy IPA 10% alcohol nestles on the table nearby. All we need are some of those cupcakes. I am sure FedEx do overnight deliveries. Or better still bring them over yourself.

  2. You are amazing Nicole!!! Your baking is truly TOP NOTCH!!! Totally delicious and you continuously brighten your friends days with your brilliant talent! Move to LA and blow all of those cupcake shops out of the water!! :) xx

    1. Thanks Julie! That’s so sweet of you to say :) So glad you got to taste some while you were over. Hopefully see you soon xxx

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