Happy Birthday Jane

When our lovely friend Jane asked me to make a cake for her 30th birthday I was so excited. She is the sweetest person who is so much fun to be around. She is also an incredible violinist so of course wanted to make this the main theme of the cake. I made violin biscuits using this cutter and the Biscuiteers recipe. I decorated them in both the standard brown colour and blue, after seeing her pictured with an amazing bright blue violin. I attached them to the sides of the cake with buttercream and stuck the 30 to lollipop sticks so they would stand up on top of the cake. She has been travelling about a lot and wasn’t sure of where she would be to celebrate. With this in mind I made a two tier cake so that she could take the top tier off and take it with her if she needed to celebrate in more than one place. I hope it made her big birthday extra special. Happy Birthday Jane! x

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