Happy Birthday Donna

You can’t really go wrong with flowers. In most cases flowers are always a good option. Whether you’re remembering an anniversary, thanking someone, finding a way to jazz up your hair, deciding what to put on an empty table or choosing how to decorate a cake for your Pilates teacher. In my mind, flowers are the way forward. I wanted this cake for my teacher, Donna, to be both simple and pretty, with a little touch of birthday sparkle. I’ve only made sugar flowers a couple of times and clearly still have so much to learn (I’ve since been taught even more about making roses!! yay!) but I loved making these ones especially in these colours. The pale peach and yellow seemed fitting for a late summer birthday and I finished them with some edible glitter. Happy Birthday Donna! x

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Donna

  1. And can I just say it was my most amazing cake ever! Beautiful yes, delicious, absolutely! Merci… and good luck tomorrow!

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