Birthday Weekend

My goal was to write this post before a month had passed since my birthday and it was December – I haven’t failed on that but it’s still embarassingly late. However, my birthday weekend was too good not to share a few photos. As you can imagine I tried to make my birthday last as long as possible. So I started the celebrations on Halloween with an awesome burger filled dinner at Shake Shack with my friends. On my actual birthday I had a lovely birthday breakfast with my family which consisted of a mountain of bagels. Also, check out the cake my mum made! Being a big superhero fan (Yep. I’m totally wearing a Spiderman sweatshirt as I type this) it was the perfect cake and she included all my favourite characters. I was then lucky enough to spend the rest of the weekend in the New Forest where we stayed at the incredible Limewood Hotel. My weekend was filled with afternoon teas, cosy movie afternoons in our own cottage, long muddy walks encountering pigs, fireside lunches, chilling out in the gorgeous spa and some of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. It also ended in the best way possible, tea and scones at the chef’s table overlooking the busy Sunday lunch rush. It really was the perfect birthday weekend. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so memorable! x

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