Fireman Sam Cake

I’ve got a few more things to catch up on and then we will get to Christmas. Swear. Cinnamon, snowflakes, sparkles, the whole lot. But for now let me tell you about this birthday cake. So I had a request for a second birthday with a specific design…a Fireman Sam cake (cute!) but, could fireman Sam be putting out a fire…It took me a while to figure out how to translate that on to a cake. Mostly because my google searches produced a lot of pictures of Sam holding a hose in a rather unflattering way (ha!) not that a two year old would have noticed but couldn’t possibly bring myself to do anything similar to that. I wanted it to be simple, clean and full of kid friendly colours. Instead of going for a plain white cake I opted for light grey. It just felt like the more modern option and helped all the details to stand out. To make Sam himself I printed a picture the size I wanted him to be on the cake and then cut out each part like the legs, head, hands etc and cut them out of sugar paste. I finished him off by adding metallic paint to highlight the hose and buttons on his jacket. My favourite part of the cake is the hose. I thought it would be cool to wrap it around the cake as a border instead of more ribbon. I loved making this cake, it was a different kind of cake for me and I hope the little guy loved it! 

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