Mushrooms for Moonflower

It was only a few weeks back that I was asked to do this for the amazing florists Moonflower. They were also on my list of people to thank this Christmas so I decided to make an edible version of one of the decorations in their magical Christmas display. In my mind mushrooms aren’t really the mostly Christmassy thing I can think of, but in a sparkly setting I was totally sold on it. I made these out of gingerbread and instead of buying a mushroom cutter, made my own template and cut it out of the chilled dough. I made sure to make a small hole  with a nozzle so they could be hung. I decorated them like normal biscuits with royal icing and covered them in white glitter flakes and edible glitter to make them sparkle. Wishing all the Moonflower girls a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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