Barney Cake

I might as well kick the year off with a super bright and happy cake like this one. I can remember watching Barney when I was younger. Well, I have vague memories of dinosaurs in a back yard and lots of singing. I didn’t even realise it was still on. But, I got a request for a ‘Barney and Friends’ themed first birthday cake which I was really looking forward to doing. Mostly because I knew it was going to be super cute but also as it meant learning how to do some new things. For example making figures is something I’ve never done before. I sculpted Barney and his two friends using fondant, a couple of cocktails sticks,and lots of edible glue. To make the curly streamers I cut strips of different coloured flower pastes and wrapped them around a plastic dowel and left them to dry. I hope little James had a brilliant first birthday!

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