Happy Birthday Grandpa

My Grandpa is so supportive of my baking. He always says to me ‘what is the word that is more than genius’ which is pretty much the sweetest thing. It’s funny how he thinks I’m the remarkable one, when really it’s him. He constantly amazes me. Whether it’s his ability to go to the gym every day, how easily he explains current affairs to me so that I understand or how he keeps up to date with my baking on his iPad, to me he is the extraordinary one. It’s also the little things he does that confirm how awesome he is. There’s the light up Santa and reindeer that he puts on top of the garage every Christmas, the chocolate egg raffle at Easter (which has a pretty biased probability towards us grandchildren) and how this amazing shiny banner gets hung at every birthday tea we have as a family. I thought it would be cute to have the banner going around his birthday cake reading ‘Happy Birthday Grandpa’. To make the banner I cut the letters out of coloured flowerpaste which I then painted using edible metallic paint in the same colours that are on the actual banner. For the cake itself I made a Victoria sponge but with coconut buttercream as it’s Grandpa’s favourite flavour. Apart from the banner to decorate I surrounded the cake with confetti, metallic ribbon and party poppers (another of my Grandpa’s favourites). Wishing my incredible Grandpa a very Happy Birthday! x

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