Happy Birthday Sabrina

Sprinkles. So many sprinkles. I love them at the best of times but covering a cake head to toe is definitely my new favourite way of using them. Not only does it scream birthday but it was ridiculously fun to make. Sure, I got them EVERYWHERE but who cares when the end result looks this cool. The birthday girl is a fan of purple so the inside is a purple ombre cake filled with blueberry jam and covered in vanilla buttercream. I layered the cake straight on to the stand and once I had put a few coats of buttercream on I pressed fistfuls of sprinkles on to the outside and the top of the cake. I finished the top off with buttercream kisses and smarties. I made the 16 by making a template and cutting it out of purple flowerpaste which I then secured to cake pop sticks using royal icing. Hoping it made your sixteenth very sweet! Happy Birthday Sabrina! x

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