Maple Bacon Heart Doughnuts

Nothing says love like bacon, right? Ok, maybe that’s just me. The whole maple bacon thing is something I really love, I even made the combination in cupcake form here. Incorporating this magical flavour duo on a small heart shaped doughnut is pretty dreamy to me. They are also ridiculously cute. This is mostly down to the tin which is this Wilton one. It came all the way from America, but I’m sure you can track them down online. I used this recipe but only put in a tiny amount of cinnamon and nutmeg so it wouldn’t overpower the other flavours. I also didn’t fill the tin as much as recommended as it is shallower than a normal doughnut tin. I’ve never had a baked doughnut before but they were really good and a lot easier than frying anything. Once they had cooled I dipped them in the glaze from this recipe and covered them in bacon sprinkles. I used streaky bacon as it gets nice and crispy. These doughnuts are perfect for a Valentine’s Day breakfast for the lover, or just bacon lover, in your life. Or maybe just for you.

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