Tea and Biscuit Cupcakes

Although January was somewhat miserable weather-wise, for me it was pretty great and full of a combination of my favourite things. I spent it enjoying plenty of warm drinks, afternoons experimenting in the kitchen, serious tv series catch up, watching endless red carpets on E! and cosy chats with friends. My month inspired these cupcakes, a comforting combination to make the winter pass a little faster. Personally I think tea and biscuits make this time of year bearable and thought they would make a cute cupcake. I started by making a tea flavoured cake. For this I used tea granules (I had no idea these existed until I spotted them in the supermarket) and substituted some of the liquid part of the recipe with a strong tea and warm water mix. In an attempt to get the most tea flavour I made a tea syrup by boiling equal parts sugar and water with the tea granules dissolved in it. For the biscuit frosting I used this. I’ve just discovered it and while eating spoonfuls of it from the jar (of course I did this) dries out your moth like an actual biscuit, it is delicious mixed into frosting. I beat it for longer and added more milk than I normally do to make it a little lighter. The tea flavour is pretty subtle and I’d probably make it a bit stronger in the future but the cake is super fluffy and is a great winter afternoon treat.

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