Happy Birthday Judy

This is a first for me. It’s a sort of virtual birthday celebration! It’s for my close friend’s Grandmother, Judy. She lives in America but I was asked to make a cake to commemorate the day anyway. I love that Judy keeps up with my blog and always writes such lovely comments that mean so much to me. It’s always so nice to get positive feedback on my bakes and she is never short of a nice word or a sweet phrase that always make me smile. I also love that I can dedicate a whole post just for her on her special day. I had the pleasure of visiting her in North Carolina on our road trip across America a few years ago. While we were there not only did she prepare an amazing meal for us, she recommended we visit a beautiful sculpture in Charlotte where she lives. It’s called the Firebird and sits outside the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. I thought I would use this as inspiration for the cake as it is so pretty and reminds me of our visit to Charlotte. My version of the Firebird is perhaps a little bit cuddlier, I made him by cutting the shape out of fondant which I covered in metallic paint and coated in edible glitter. I love that it has the same sparkle as the sculpture when the light hits it and I also slightly love that now even my eyebrows have glitter on them. I’m sorry that Judy won’t actually be getting a slice, but I will be delivering it to the rest of your family to enjoy, and I promise to bake you something tasty on your next visit. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Judy! xx

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Judy

  1. can’t type for the happy tears in my eyes. how very, very sweet of you and so beautiful. knew it was the firebird right off. and so happy you remember that visit as well as i do. much love, judy

  2. Nicole you’ve made very very happy people, especially my Mom, with your gorgeous cake! Thank you so much. Love Betsy xxxxx

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