Aeroplane Cupcakes

When I was asked to make some cupcakes for our friend Tom’s birthday, I knew I wanted to incorporate aeroplanes in some way. He is a Cabin Service Director for BA, so I knew that tiny aeroplane biscuits as toppers on cupcakes would be perfect. Not owning the exact tiny cutter wasn’t going to be a problem, as I’ve learnt that you can make a biscuit in any shape and size you want just by making a template and cutting around it yourself. I simply traced and adjusted an image I found online. Obviously this process takes a little longer but it definitely gives you a little more freedom, not that I don’t own and adore many cookie cutters. Using this trusty recipe I made little vanilla biscuits which I outlined and flooded with white royal icing, which then sat on top of vanilla cupcakes filled with raspberry jam. I, of course, tinted the frosting blue so the planes looked a little more in flight. Happy Birthday Tom! x

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