Coachella Cookies

I’m trying to find all the words to tell you how much I loved Coachella. Those of you that follow my Instagram will have been bombarded with photos (as soon as I found decent WiFi) of gorgeous sunsets, fun parties and THAT wheel. OH that wheel! It’s so hard not to photograph it every few minutes, it seems to look a little different every time you do. We had such a great trip traveling around – from visiting Disney, going to Coachella and hanging out in both San Diego and LA. The festival itself was amazing, well run, clean, no wellies in sight and it made such a difference staying in a hotel instead of a stuffy tent. It was all exactly how I expected it to be and better, all rainbows, great music and far too many crop tops. It was great fun to dance in the dessert with my friends, especially to a great musical line up including Outkast, Bombay Bicycle Club and Disclosure. The thing that struck me the most about Coachella was how pretty it was. All the art installations and changing lights had me looking up and around in awe. My favourite things, however, were the palm trees. As soon as it was dark the palms lit up in rainbow colours and changed with the music. It made the whole place look extra magical and I wanted to make a few favours upon my return that would remind me of my stunning weekend at Coachella. I picked up a palm tree cookie cutter while I was out there and used my favourite biscuit recipe to create these. I then used royal icing to decorate them in rainbow colours in neon shades to give them that unmistakable Coachella look. 

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2 thoughts on “Coachella Cookies

  1. Those palm trees were just as delicious to look at as I bet they were to eat! xx

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