Party Pony Cake

If this cake had cheeks I would squish them. It’s so darn cute. This adorable birthday cake is for the awesome Ginetta, Alexia’s mummy. It was great to join forces with Alexia again as making last year’s cake together was so much fun. This year we went for something a little more unrefined. For the base we chose a simple lemon buttercream cake then added some fun accessories. We have been loving seeing these little guys featuring on blogs we both read so knew we wanted to recreate one using a pony toy that looked like one of Ginetta’s horses. This is one pony that is ready to party. I made it a tiny party hat using a cupcake case and this tutorial. Then we surrounded him with a variety of candles in different heights, styles and colours. I loved that it looked a little bit retro and hugely fun. Alexia added some fresh flowers to the stand and took some great photos for me to share! Happy Birthday Ginetta! x

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