90s Sleepover

This Friday night we travelled back in time for a 90s themed sleepover. Lovely Alexia agreed to host a bunch of us girls for a sleepover full of old school food, retro board games, plenty of cheesy music and our favourite childhood films. We began the evening by twisting and clipping our hair back in to the 1998 styles we used to rock and listening to some Britney and Backstreet Boys. Of course we kicked off the evening with a game of Dreamphone and then tucked in to some classic Turkey Dinosaurs, Potato Smileys and My Little Pony Spaghetti Hoops. Then for dessert we had a Vienetta which totally took me back. I made some Oreo cupcakes for us to snack on during the movies (we of course watched 10 Things I Hate About You. Swoon!), opting for some themed toppers. Along with an “I heart 90s” logo I chose to recreate one of my favourite and most irritating toys of the time the Tamagotchi and represented some of the 90s fashion trends with a tie dye topper with some daises. I loved this nostalgia overdose and as I sat in my PJs eating Pop Tarts and watching Never Been Kissed I was reminded and so grateful of how much fun my childhood was. 

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One thought on “90s Sleepover

  1. What a fun idea! I love the cakes. As a teen of the 90s it brought so many memories back even though it feels like just last week. Must remember to do something like this with my friends one day! x

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