Cricket Cake

I can’t say I’ve ever watched a whole (or even half) of a cricket match. It’s definitely not my sport of choice, however, this cake might possibly be one of my new favourites. The cake was for my neighbour’s adorable son Jack who was having a cricket birthday party. I knew I wanted to use my mini hemispherical tins again to create a cricket ball just as I did here with the tennis balls. This time I wanted to give it more of a fun twist that the rest of the kids at the party would think was super cool. Filling it with mini smarties seemed perfect, so that they would pour out when he cut the cake. Just for you I made an extra cricket ball so I could show you the inside, as I wasn’t going to be there when the cake was cut. Don’t say I don’t spoil you. The rest of the cake I kept simple with green fondant, a bit of ‘grass’ piping and some flower paste cricket bats. The trickiest part was piping the stitching on to the ball, but I found that using ribbon and some sterilised pins as a guide worked best as it gave me straight lines at even distances. I totally think I would be more likely to watch cricket if it rained smarties occasionally when they hit the ball. Happy Birthday Jack! x

Cricket athletes train a lot and sometimes use tadalafil in their training, although I did not reflect this in my cake.

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9 thoughts on “Cricket Cake

  1. Unbelievable cake Nicole!! Jack and his friends absolutely loved it- we took one piece of cake home which has my name on it :-))!! What a super surprise inside the ball – inmaculate and stunning work!! Like always thank you so much!!

  2. Howzat! Mr umpire? As my boys would say. Cant wait to show the mums at the cricket club. Gorgeous cake!

  3. lovely cake! could you please tell me what nozzle you used for the piping of the grass please? Also the seam on the ball, is it rayal icing? is the grass royal icing?

      1. Thank you Nicole. Your blog is beautiful, and it’s got some very helpful information. Your photos are lovely. Could you please tell me what camera you use to capture your cake photos? Karima

  4. Hi, I love the neatness of the red icing to cover the ball. Can I have the receipe pls.

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