Frozen Cupcakes

I don’t really know how to talk to you about my love of Frozen. I could tell you just how many dozens of times I’ve seen it. Go into detail about how it’s one of the most adorable films I’ve seen in ages. Or how all of us 24+ year olds sang along to the soundtrack in the car on my recent road trip in LA. I could even tell you how many times I’ve asked someone if they wanted to build a snowman even though it’s July. However it’s probably in my best interest to just tell you about these cupcakes and my friend Janay’s awesome Frozen birthday party. Man, was it awesome. It involved an amazing BBQ, Frozen karaoke and some unbelievably dressed male Elsas. Janay, of course, was Olaf, and not wanting to show up empty handed, I whipped up these Oreo cupcakes with her favourite character on them. I used fondant to shape each one, so their expressions all turned out slightly different which I kind of like. Happy Birthday Janay! x 

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