Burger Print Swiss Roll

The Great British Bake Off is back! Woo! Did you watch it? Apart from finding myself starving for cake half way through I also find myself super inspired to give what they are making a go. So this series I’m going to attempt to make something from the show each week (well as best as I can), but give it a bit of my own twist. I’ve never made a swiss roll before but they looked so much fun and I totally loved the idea of decorating the outside of them with a pattern. So this Sunday Lauren, Alexia and I set about making a few rather unusual swiss rolls. I chose to decorate mine with one of my favourite things, burgers. Lauren chose bicycles, as it was the cycling event this weekend and Alexia chose palm trees and flamingos. To create the pattern effect we used these instructions to make up the piping mixture. We doubled the recipe so we would have enough for all three swiss rolls. For the swiss roll batter itself we used Mary Berry’s recipe from this book. The scariest bit was rolling it up as I didn’t want the whole thing to break. I filled mine with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam and as you can see I was rather generous, resulting in an overstuffed not so tight roll. It tasted amazing and the outside turned out really cute. I love the pattern idea and can’t wait to try out different ones. 

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2 thoughts on “Burger Print Swiss Roll

  1. cheese burger creations are wonderful and the bow cake was outstanding. thank you for sharing. love, judy

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