Party Ring and Jaffa Cake Cupcakes

I’ve been dreaming of putting mini party rings on cupcakes for a while now. The time finally came just over a week ago, before I went on holiday, when the weather was just starting to turn. It had been rainy and grey and with the temperature dropping I decided it qualified as biscuit weather. You know what I mean. Obviously not wanting to settle for just a biscuit or a cupcake with tea I combined the two. I made vanilla cupcakes but filled half with raspberry jam topped with sprinkles and a mini party ring. For the other half I went for a jaffa cake cupcake. I love that all these biscuits now come in mini form. For that cupcake I filled the centres with sweet orange jam and topped it with chocolate orange buttercream, chocolate sprinkles and the mini jaffa cakes. 

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