50th Birthday Macaron Cake


It seems my blog is having a bit of a macaron moment. Not sorry. I made a similar macaron cake to this one last year for my cousin but in rainbow colours. I seriously love the idea of combining the two things to make an epic looking cake. I had promised my pilates teacher and friend Donna that I would make her a macaron cake for her 50th birthday and seeing as she forgot this, it was an even better surprise when I presented her with it. The lovely Beverly asked me to make a cake to give to Donna from everyone at Cobham Pilates and I figured this design would be ideal for sharing, as everyone could just help themselves to macarons. To create this cake I made a vanilla buttercream cake covered in macaron shells, on top of which I placed this stand filled with Oreo, coffee, vanilla and raspberry macarons. This time around I opted for a more muted palate inspired by antique roses and their soft colours and placed a few small roses in the display. To make sure no one missed out on cake I made some vanilla gluten-free cupcakes topped with macarons. Happy Birthday Donna! xx


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