Purple Found Cupcakes


Guys, this is what happens when you try and take some speedy photos at 7am, when the light is a bit weird and all you use to style it out is a bit of window ledge. All the same I wanted to share these cupcakes with you and have a quick catch up. Last week was National Cupcake Week. I hope you had at least one if not several cupcakes to celebrate. If not, don’t worry it’s definitely not too late to make up for it. I made a whole bunch of cupcakes during the week including these for the company my sister works for, Found. They had their quarterly review and marked the day with some branded cupcakes. I went for their signature purple colours and used some of the design elements featured on their website, including these purple cogs which contain symbols, representing the different services the company provides. I cut out the cog shapes using a template and hand piped the logos and symbols. For the rest of the cupcakes I custom mixed some nonpareils to match the colours of the toppers. I hope they all enjoyed their mid week treats!found_cupcakes_afternoon_crumbs_2 found_cupcakes_afternoon_crumbs_3 found_cupcakes_afternoon_crumbs_4 found_cupcakes_afternoon_crumbs_5 found_cupcakes_afternoon_crumbs_6

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