Lily Of The Valley Cake


I’ve never made my Mum a birthday cake. I think that sounds pretty bad considering making cakes is what I do. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just it’s normally my Grandmother’s task. This year I persuaded her to join forces with me to make my Mum’s cake as I had something particular in mind. I’m really not good at keeping secrets or dealing with surprises. It’s stressful. Especially from my Mum as we spend so much time together. The whole thing involved a lot of whispers, sneaking baking tins out the house in my backpack (three 8” tins and some baking paper circles isn’t bad I thought!) and me hopping around all day, waiting to serve tea and reveal the cake. It was totally worth it of course, as she loved it. It was also extra fun to spend time and create something with my Grandma. She is an awesome baker so she baked the three vanilla sponges for me. We then sat and made flower decorations together and she helped me make lots of the design decisions. I chose to decorate the cake with lily of the valley, as I know my Mum loves it. She originally wanted it in her wedding bouquet but it wasn’t in season at the time, but thankfully you can have sugar flowers any time of year. Yaaay! I kept it simple by only having three clusters and using ivory instead of white icing so it didn’t end up too weddingy. Happy Birthday to THE BEST Mum in the whole world! xx

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2 thoughts on “Lily Of The Valley Cake

  1. I really love this cake! It’s beautiful!
    My friend birthday is approaching soon and I would like to bake her a cake. Because she also loves Lily of The Valley, I was looking for inspiration and found your blog.
    Can you give more information about the cake ingredients? What kind of frosting and fondant did you use? Also how did you make the flower decoration? Did you use a flower cutter?

    1. Hi – So glad you like the cake! It’s a Victoria Sponge cake covered in fondant icing. The flowers I followed Peggy Porschen’s instructions in her book ‘Cakes in Bloom’. Hope that helps! x

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