80th Birthday Cake


This might sound silly. I don’t know if it’s just me but even though I’ve been making cakes for a little bit now, I’m still a little amazed when the finished cake looks like my drawings or the picture in my mind. Yes, I’m aware that’s the point but it still seems new and exciting. I do really love designing cakes, trying to figure out what the person would love, the themes and flavours and putting them all together to create a little bit of happiness. Though, for this cakey creation you see before you, I had a few moments of uncertainty. Despite being really excited to make it (it was for our lovely friend’s Dad’s 80th birthday) I thought the design for this cake was going to be a challenge. I was asked to incorporate his love of gardening, Chelsea football and their recent cruise trip. They don’t exactly go together. Like, at all. The sketches at the end of the post are what I came up with. Sure, I know what you’re thinking, gardens aren’t normally found on top of the sea but it’s ok we can pretend. Opting for a single tier, my plan was to tie the top and bottom parts together with green and have a sea bit in between. I think it works, especially with all the sweet details covering each part of the cake. My favourites are the vegetables in the Oreo crumb soil and the hearts floating out of the ship. Happy 80th Birthday Jim! x80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_2 80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_3 80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_4 80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_5 80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_6 80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_7 80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_8 80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_9 80th_Cake_Afternoon_Crumbs_10

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