Eat it – Wear it // Dress In Donuts

dress_in_donuts_31 copy

Not only do I love making food but I unashamedly love wearing it on my clothes too. Those that know me (or have spotted on my instagram feed) know that I’m a sucker for any item of clothing printed with, or relating to anything edible. Think donut t-shirts, burger socks and cupcake bags. I’m constantly on the hunt for ways to incorporate a bit of food in to my fashion and in this new series I’m going to round up some of my faves and encourage you to wear your meals on your sleeve, or some similar phrase… Let’s kick things off with donuts! Because well, they look as sweet as they taste. Here are three of my current donut dream pieces…

1. Doughnut Frenzy Knit Tee

2. DIY Nails Nail Transfers Sweethearts

3. Nishe Brushed Prom Skater Dress In Donut Embroidery

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