Pumpkin Topped Oreo Cupcakes


Um so I’ve been worryingly into pumpkins this year. I watercoloured them on to cupcake toppers, we had a pumpkin painting evening (more on that soon), I’m psyching myself up to carve my pumpkin this afternoon aaaand I made these guys. ALL the pumpkins. These fellas were super simple to make. Using some orange fondant I sculpted little pumpkins by rolling little balls then pushing down the top in the middle. I then using a pointy Dresden tool (yes that sounds fancy but a cocktail stick would work just as well) marked dents all the way round to make it look pumpkiny. To finish I edible glued brown fondant stalks on the tops. Bam! Done. I made Oreo cupcakes as they seem to be everyone’s favourite and it allowed me to crush up the extra oreos and sprinkle them to look like the pumpkins are sitting in dirt.Pumpkin_cupcakes_afternoon_crumbs_2 Pumpkin_cupcakes_afternoon_crumbs_3 Pumpkin_cupcakes_afternoon_crumbs_4

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