Christmas Cupcakes 2014


I’m very aware how long it’s been since my last post! Hopefully you’ve been catching a few of my little updates on Instagram but honestly I’ve been pretty slack with the posting this December. This is mostly due to the mega load of festive biscuits and cupcakes I’ve been making. Oh and a bit of manic shopping. Once I’d finished all my baking orders, I made these. To me it feels like Christmas when there is giving involved so I made a load of these cupcakes to give out as surprise Christmas treats to thank those who have been so sweet to me this year. The candy cane ones (I finally found mini candy canes here!!) were vanilla filled with raspberry jam. The Christmas tree ones were chocolate with Nutella. The snowflakes were Oreo and the star-topped ones were lemon. I really liked how all the different ones looked together in the box. I hope they brought lots of Christmasy joy to everyone this week!DSC_0470 DSC_0477DSC_0481DSC_0495DSC_0455     DSC_0506

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