Mr and Mrs Bassett


I would have never thought that by the time the year was almost through, I would have made two wedding cakes. Whaaaaaaat. Making my first was one of the highlights of my year, but then the lovely Hayley and Mark got in touch and asked me to make theirs for their wedding this past weekend. Hayley was a few years above me at school and so it was great to reconnect with her, hear all about her wedding plans and discuss what they wanted for their cake design. I enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how to incorporate all of the elements they wanted into one cake, especially in a way that would tie everything together. The final design included a bottom tier covered in rainbow hearts and a middle tier, which featured their flowers of choice, their new name and the date of their special day. I really love the idea of having the date on cakes. The top tier was my favourite to create. It was decorated with items relating to the couple, such as the logo of the gaming company they work for, where they had their first date, where they got engaged and a few of their other favourite things. To finish the cake I made some dog toppers of their two greyhounds, George and Minnie, all dressed up for the wedding. It was the detail that really made the cake special, even down to George’s tongue sticking out. I didn’t take many (or really any) photos of my making process, but I’ve included a few phone snaps to give you an idea. I hope Mark and Hayley had the best day and a big thank you to them for including me in their special day. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Bassett! xxHM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_2 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_3 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_4 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_5 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_6 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_7 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_8 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_9 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_10 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_11 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_12 HM_Wedding_Afternoon_Crumbs_13Hayley2-9

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One thought on “Mr and Mrs Bassett

  1. This soo amazing!! As usual. I just wanted to let you know all your creations are so beautiful and look super yummy, although I don’t know if I could eat them as they look so nice. I love your blog and love reading your new posts. Also following your Instagram page. Thanks for your blog.

    Daisy x

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