Afternoon Crumbs Biscuits


Happy New Year! For me it’s always quite hard to write the first post of the year. I’m a bit out of practice and I find trying to gather my thoughts at the start of January usually seems a bit of a struggle. I’m probably just waking up out of my Christmas food coma. Anyway, I hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas and that maybe you baked something to share with your friends or family. I’m a bit overexcited about 2015 already. My diary is already sprinkled with exciting projects that I look forward to showing you! I thought I would start the year by sharing with you this amazing present that resulted in these pretty cool biscuits. I got given this awesome rolling pin for my birthday. It prints my ‘Afternoon Crumbs’ logo as you roll (!!!). It’s such a clever and thoughtful gift that I wanted to use it to make something to give to the lovely people who gave it to me. I chose biscuits as they are welcome around Christmas time and used the pin to roll out fondant to decorate the tops. I then used some gold dust to highlight the raised logo. I still can’t get over how cool it is and am very excited to test it out on pastry and other projects. Thank you so much Dick and Ginetta xx

Afternoon_Crumbs_Biscuit_02 Afternoon_Crumbs_Biscuit_03

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One thought on “Afternoon Crumbs Biscuits

  1. They’re beautiful. Thanks for sharing how it’s done. :) Happy New Year. Bx

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