Nakey Cakey


How is your January going so far? I’ve mostly been hibernating for a week with this sort of non-cold cold, sketching cake plans and watching Friends re-runs. This set up also leads to a fair amount of scrolling time on Pinterest. It’s nice to start the year being inspired I think. I’ve been drawn to simple and naked cakes (you may have seen the awesome naked cake my Mum made for my birthday!) in an attempt to achieve a more relaxed vibe for the start of the year. It was also nice to make something that didn’t take too many hours, or days, and I whipped up this little cake for tea with a friend yesterday afternoon. The cake is made up of three vanilla sponges stuffed full of vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam. Making this cake was a little like rebelling. Overfilling the middles and not worry about it squishing out of the fondant and seeing the raw edges of the cakes that I would have typically trimmed off showing through the buttercream seemed a little alien but I loved it. The minor struggle I had was battling the daylight to take photos of it before wanting to cut it. I finally found a bit of natural light left but have also included a few ‘moodier’ shots I took which make this cake all wintery and sort of like I rustled it up in my Montana log cabin. Maybe.

Nakey_Cakey_03Nakey_Cakey_04Nakey_Cakey_02Nakey_Cakey_05Nakey_Cakey_06Nakey_Cakey_07 Nakey_Cakey_08

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