Oreo Cheesecake Brownies


This post is not meant to disturb your January health kick but these were too good not to share. And by share I mean visually. They are loooooong gone. On Thursday I went for a long crisp morning walk with my friend Louisa. She mentioned how she wanted me to make her brownies. I don’t normally make brownies as I’m either eating my Mum’s amazing ones or scoffing the pecan caramel ones from the Lallapolosa Baking Company. However, Friday called for some fuss free baking that I could take to feed my friends that evening. All I could think about was brownies. Writing this now makes me feel terrible that Louisa didn’t actually get any of this batch (I’ll make you some soon). A simple Google search led me to this recipe which inspired me to make a few tweaks. I used this for the brownie base which was super simple. I added these chocolate chunks and used more of a milk chocolate. I let these totally cool then topped them with a cream cheese frosting that had crushed Oreos mixed in. After letting that chill in the fridge for about 20 mins I poured on a ganache that was just 50/50 chocolate to double cream and of course added more mashed Oreos. I let the whole thing set in the fridge for 45 mins before chopping it up. Mega debate has gone on over the weekend as to whether it is served best straight from chilled or at room temperature, but we didn’t reach a conclusion, we just ate._17A9437-2_17A9417-2_17A9450-2 _17A9475-2_17A9473-2_17A9493-2

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