Carole King Cake


It’s almost unbelievable how good things turn out sometimes. Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. Yesterday the new Carole King Musical ‘Beautiful’ had its first night of previews in London. My Dad is a HUGE Carole King fan. Ta da! The perfect birthday plans! (made even better by pre-theatre burgers at Shake Shack !!) I knew it would make his day to have the theme of the cake be the musical. I looked up some of the posters from the show from here and Broadway and designed it using the colours and patterns – you can see the examples below. So yeh. That’s a little young Carole King sitting on his cake. Of course. I covered the victoria sponge in yellow icing then hand cut a circular piano using flower paste. I added lighter yellow dots and text, even fitting the musical title in to his birthday wishes. I made Carole out of coloured flower paste and adding on her signature curly hair. I think he loved it almost as much as the musical – which was incredible. Definitely go and see it if you can – the lead is basically Carole King and its full of all of her BEAUTIFUL music. Happy Birthday Dad! xx

Carole_King_Cake_02 Carole_King_Cake_03 Carole_King_Cake_04 Carole_King_Cake_05 Carole_King_Cake_06 Carole_King_Cake_07 Carole_King_Cake_08 Carole_King_Cake_09 Carole_King_Cake_10 Carole_King_Cake_11 Carole_King_Cake_12 Carole_King_Cake_13

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(Image Via iBroadway)
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