Love Heart Cupcakes


It’s that time of year again. Everything gets heart-shaped and love songy. I’ve made a lot of Valentine’s things over the years but thought I would stick with a classic for these cupcakes. Love hearts! I made teeny heart shaped biscuits using this small cutter and iced some traditional messages of love on them. As you can see I opted for two different colour ways. The first like some of the original pastel love heart colours complete with these colourful heart sprinkles for the vanilla cupcakes. And for the red velvet cupcakes I made the hearts red with these sprinkles. I hope everyone has a sweet Valentine’s Day. xx

Love_Heart_Cupcakes_04 Love_Heart_Cupcakes_05 Love_Heart_Cupcakes_06 Love_Heart_Cupcakes_07 Love_Heart_Cupcakes_08 Love_Heart_Cupcakes_09 Love_Heart_Cupcakes_10

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3 thoughts on “Love Heart Cupcakes

  1. These are adorable!
    Love your blog, wish you would post some recipes/tutorials! Would love to try and re-create some of your bakes.

      1. Every single one of your bakes look so amazing!
        I’d love to see a cupcake tutorial, especially how you create and pipe your icing, they always look so perfect!

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