Grandfather Clock Cake


I think I unintentionally have a thing for making clock cakes. They are always a bit of a challenge, but in a good way. I was asked to make a Grandfather clock for our friend Becky’s Grandfather’s 90th Birthday. He has spent his life repairing clocks including Big Ben. There is a little article on him here. Becky sent me this image as a reference of how she wanted the clock to look. To start the grandfather clock I began by making a template that I could use to cut out the shape of the cake. I made the cake in two pieces so it would be easier to ice and decorate. I cut, layered and iced the two parts and let it firm up overnight. To create the wood effect I painted onto the brown icing using ‘Chestnut’ colouring paste. I then sprayed it with this to give it a shine. The clock face I had printed on to sugar and then piped on the hands. The rest of the details I moulded out of sugarpaste and flowerpaste and then painted them with gold dust. Happy Birthday Vic x

Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_02 Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_03 Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_04 Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_05 Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_06(2)Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_09Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_06(2)Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_08(2)Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_10 (2)Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_11Grandfather_Clock_Afternoon_Crumbs_12

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