Cake for Luisa


That crazy fun cousin of mine Luisa is over from America visiting. We’ve had the best few days hanging out. We danced to S Club at the O2, took afternoon tea at Sketch, went for a proper English roast and ate lots of this cake. It was her birthday just before she arrived so I wanted to have a little belated celebration with her. For a while now I’ve been inspired by Katherine Sabbath and my Instagram feed is constantly full of delicious looking cakes dripping with ganache. I wanted to give it a go myself. So I chose to do an Oreo cake with a milk chocolate ganache drip. THE best combo. I made some chocolate and candy bark which was really easy. To make this you melt up any chocolate you want or candy melts (I did a mixture) and blob it on a sheet pan lined with greaseproof and swirl it together using the end of a spoon. While it’s still warm cover it in any sprinkles you like and then leave it to set in the fridge. I then chopped it up using a warm knife and stuck it in to the top of the cake into the warm ganache. I then covered it in oreos, sprinkles and her beloved percy pigs. It was the tastiest most beautiful mess. Happy Birthday Luisa! xx

Luisa_Cake_02 Luisa_Cake_03 Luisa_Cake_04 Luisa_Cake_05 Luisa_Cake_06 Luisa_Cake_07 Luisa_Cake_08 Luisa_Cake_09IMG_8635Luisa_Cake_10Luisa_Cake_11 Luisa_Cake_12

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