Paper Peony Cake


I think I’m pretty late to the party but over the past few months I’ve been learning new and cool things from Craftsy. I’d been hearing about it for a while, but not had the time to sit down and try out a class. When I saw that one of my fave cake makers Stevi Auble of ‘Hey There Cupcake’ had a wafer paper flower class I was all over it. I bought the stuff. Did the class and made this cake. It was such a great way to learn something new. Super clear and easy to follow plus you can pause and come back to it, allowing time to make hundreds of cups of tea etc. I chose these stylised pink peonies to decorate a cake for my Granny’s 92nd birthday last weekend. I like that they give a classic pink flowery cake a little modern twist and she loved it. The cake inside was a raspberry ripple sponge which I made by swirling in some homemade raspberry puree in to the batter. I layered it with a white chocolate ganache buttercream and more raspberryness. Happy Birthday Granny! x

Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_02Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_03Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_04Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_05Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_06 Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_07 Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_08Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_09Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_10Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_11Granny_cake_afterrnooncrumbs_12

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