Chocolate Caramel Flower Cupcakes


I’m having a bit of a moment when I have too much to share and don’t know where to start. Just picture me as that girl emoji with her hands on her head looking a little overwhelmed. Yep that. I’ve been so super occupied with making, testing, drawing and planning that my camera and sketchbook are full, but the blog has seemed a bit empty. Don’t worry, I get how boring it is to hear about how busy someone is so here are sweet chocolate, caramel dripping, frilly flower cupcakes which are faaar more entertaining. I made these last week for a birthday – half were vanilla with my favourite sprinkle macarons on top and the other half were these little cuties – chocolate cupcakes filled with salted caramel topped with dairy milk frosting. The flowers were pretty simple to make – I just over-frilled the edges of my normal flower cutter and pinched them together a bit. Once they had dried I used a bit of gold dust to paint the edges and middles.


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