Modern Art Cupcakes


Hands down these are my favourite cupcakes to date. I got a request for ‘Modern Art’ themed cupcakes for a friend of ours’ daughter to take to school. ACTUAL dream come true. Not only did I finally manage to put my Art History degree to good use, but I got to do it through the medium of cake! I thought I would challenge myself by making each of the 24 cupcakes have different pieces of art. I made a list of all my favourite Modern Artists and their most famous artworks then began hand making each of the toppers. I started with Frida, a personal fave, and worked my way through from Warhol, Picasso, Dali, Monet, Van Gogh and loads more. For most of them I moulded the works out of icing and then used edible pens and food colouring as paint to create each one. I had the most fun reinterpreting so many of the works that I have studied over the years – I even got a few sculptures in there…I mean how often do you see Duchamp’s ‘Wheel’ on a cupcake. I think this was the first time ever I was a little sad that my cupcakes were going to get eaten – but I hope the kids love them and maybe learnt a little something too.


Top Row: Frida Kahlo – ‘Self Portrait’, Salivador Dali – ‘Lobster Telephone’, Vincent Van Gogh – ‘Sunflowers’,  Andy Warhol – ‘Marilyn’

Middle Row: Francis Bacon – ‘Three Studies For Figures A The Base Of A Crucifixion’, Claude Monet – ‘Water Lilies’, Edvard Munch – ‘The Scream’, Henri Matisse – ‘The Snail’

Bottom Row: Piet Mondrian – ‘Composition’, Pablo Picasso – ‘Girl Before A Mirror’, Renee Magritte – ‘The Treachery of Images’, Roy Litchenstein – ‘Whaam!’


Top Row: Henri Mattise – ‘Jazz’, Mark Rothko – ‘White Middle’, Andy Warhol – ‘Soup Cans’, Jackson Pollock – ‘No 5’

Middle Row: Claus Oldenburg – ‘Spoon and Cherry’, Salvador Dali – ‘The Persistence of Memory’, Gustav Klimt – ‘The Kiss’, Marchel Duchamp – ‘Bicycle Wheel’

Bottom Row: Louise Bourgeois – ‘Maman’, Vincent Van Gogh – ‘The Starry Night’, Renee Magritte – ‘The Son of Man’, Wassily Kandinsky – ‘Composition VIII’

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4 thoughts on “Modern Art Cupcakes

  1. Thanks Cariad! I’m so pleased you and your class (and the Headmaster!!!) loved them – I had so much fun making them xxx

  2. As someone who has the odd dabble in cake decoration I have to say I am truly in awe. Fantastic
    From Cariad’s Aunty x

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