Gossip Girl Cake


Confession. I still haven’t finished watching Gossip Girl. It was one of those situations when you’re waiting for a friend to watch it, you binge watch a few series together, get distracted and never finish. One day I’ll get to the end – although Googling things for this cake gave away some pretty huge spoilers… It’s a bit strange I never finished watching it considering how much I loved the books. I liked all the characters and I adore New York so loved that it was set there. I was asked to make this Gossip Girl themed birthday cake for Kiana’s 16th. When designing the cake I wanted to include the New York skyline around the bottom which I’d seen on a few NY inspired cakes before. I cut out the building shapes in different shades of black and grey the day before, let them dry and then layered them around the base of the cake. I knew it had to include some of the signature things from the series – Blair’s headband, a phone, a Henri Bendel shopping bag. I also wanted to feature some of the key locations, The Empire Hotel, Brooklyn, The Upper East Side etc. The one thing I couldn’t leave out was the XOXO which I cut out and painted gold to stand out on the cake. Happy Birthday Kiana! xx

Gossip_Girl_Cake_02 Gossip_Girl_Cake_03 Gossip_Girl_Cake_04 Gossip_Girl_Cake_06

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