Hot Air Balloon Biscuits


Ok so I have the last couple of wedding posts coming up this week. This is me pretending it isn’t over and dragging out the most magical weddings that my closest friends had in August.

To begin with let’s talk about these. You’ve already seen their wedding cake but these are the biscuit wedding favours I made for Steve and Alexia. If you haven’t seen it already you need to check out their engagement video – it was THE cutest thing. They got engaged on a tethered hot air balloon and so they wanted a nod to this for the favours. Alexia loved these biscuits – so we went with this design but altered the colours to match their wedding palette. To make the biscuits I used this cutter and this recipe and baked 120 of them. I used royal icing to decorate using pale ivory and blush colours to match our bridesmaid dresses and the flowers. I piped over the flooded areas to create the balloon shape and basket in a pale brown. Then I hand-painted over this in gold to give it some sparkle. I packaged them in cellophane bags and finished with matching ribbon. I loved how they looked on the tables alongside the centrepieces. I also loved how many people ate them before they had even been served dinner…

Hot_Air_Balloon_Favours_02 Hot_Air_Balloon_Favours_03 Hot_Air_Balloon_Favours_04 Hot_Air_Balloon_Favours_05 Hot_Air_Balloon_Favours_06 Hot_Air_Balloon_Favours_07 Hot_Air_Balloon_Favours_08 Hot_Air_Balloon_Favours_09

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