Monument Valley Birthday Cake


It’s amazing sometimes how fast time goes by. It was five years ago now that we went on the most amazing road trip across America. It was the most incredible adventure and the memories and photos we collected along the way are the best we ever have. While we took a staggering 15,000 photos over the month or so we were there, this one has to be my sister’s favourite. That’s why for her birthday this year to celebrate (a little nod to the 5 year anniversary of the trip) I made her a cake with it on it. The photo was taken in Monument Valley, which was maybe one of the most magical days we had. I got the image printed on to a sugar sheet and wrapped it around the cake, a lemon cake which is her favourite flavour. For the back I used another image of the landscape so it would look like a continuous scene. I iced the cake blue so the sky would blend in and made the board a copper colour to continue the earth. I amazingly had a stand that matched exactly – a little one from Tiger which I picked up last Christmas. I loved how the cake turned out – it looked really cool when you cut it and had parts of the image on each slice. Definitely going to eat the bit with me on it. Happy Birthday Lauren! x

Lauren_Birthday_02 Lauren_Birthday_03 Lauren_Birthday_04 Lauren_Birthday_05 Lauren_Birthday_06 Lauren_Birthday_07 Lauren_Birthday_08 Lauren_Birthday_09 Lauren_Birthday_10 Lauren_Birthday_11 Lauren_Birthday_12

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