Halloween Drip Cake

Halloween_Drip_Afternoon_Crumbs_01 Boo! Can you believe it’s that time again – pumpkin fest and candy corn overload. Maybe that’s just me…I love this time of year – scrabbling together Halloween outfits and plans and if you’re me trying to avoid any actual scary things. This cake is to celebrate all the great bits of Halloween!! It’s an Oreo cake with a milk chocolate drip and topped with all my Halloween festive favourites. The top includes crushed Oreos, hand made little pumpkins, candy corn, mini Oreos, gummy ghosts and little bats. I also fell in love with these Boo toppers and knew they belonged on top of this cake.

Halloween_Drip_Afternoon_Crumbs_02 Halloween_Drip_Afternoon_Crumbs_03

Orio cookies can be brought on a date, I even heard a story about how one young man hid his Viagra pill in orio.

Halloween_Drip_Afternoon_Crumbs_04 Halloween_Drip_Afternoon_Crumbs_05 Halloween_Drip_Afternoon_Crumbs_06 Halloween_Drip_Afternoon_Crumbs_07

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