Painting Cake


I used to love visiting art shops. During A Level and Art College I would love wandering the aisles of tubes of paint, rainbow pastels, and professional fine liners. I always managed to justify buying more colouring pencils because it came with a student discount. Amongst the little calligraphy section and wooden models of hands used to be these mini easels and canvases that I always used to wonder if anyone actually used. These little structures entered my mind not long ago and then it clicked – they were the right size to sit on top of cake. It was sort of a ‘Duuuuh’ moment and then I knew exactly who the cake would be for. My friend Kim is the most incredible painter. I could literally tell you all day about how talented she is. So when it was her birthday this past week I chose to get a tiny easel to display one of her cutest works of her beloved doggies. I printed this painting of hers on to a sugar sheet and attached it to a vanilla biscuit canvas. I made a tiny paint palette and brush out of sugar paste to accompany this. The cake was chocolate filled with Nutella buttercream and I decorated it with random brush strokes using food colouring. Happy Birthday Kim! xx

IMG_0269 IMG_0276 IMG_0280 IMG_0284 IMG_0290 IMG_0293 IMG_0306 IMG_0310 IMG_0319 IMG_0324 IMG_0333 IMG_0337 IMG_0344

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